Wanderland Magic Mushroom Gummies 1500MG

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Mushroom Gummies by Wanderland separate the psilocybin from the fungus. That means you get exactly what you want—psychedelic bliss—without gnawing on mushrooms or drinking any more tea. Mushroom Gummies have the same active ingredient as whole magic mushrooms delivered in a way you’ll actually enjoy.

Mushroom Gummies by Wanderland are parceled out so each one has exactly 150MG of psilocybin. That means you know what you’re ingesting every time and can take as much or as little as you desire. A single gram is the recommended starting dose for someone who has never enjoyed magic mushrooms but wants to try.

Like eating a magic mushroom, enjoying a mushroom gummy will create a psychedelic experience that lasts all afternoon or evening—up to six hours.